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Halfway Thru Summer (almost) 2022
by adg on Sat Jul 23, 2022 6:37 am
July 23, 2022 - Washington, MA - The Farm

Here we are Late-July. Hard to believe but we’re speeding through summer. It doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to. We’re already gathering little tomatoes from the garden, and any day now we’ll start taking a look at the garlic. Flowers this year are blooming profusely. Some years are better than others.

We got through most of the birthdays (there was a lot in July), without a hitch, which reminded me that October seems to have been a pretty frisky time for people in my family. I knew there was more to the month of October than just the leaves, or maybe it’s related.
Mid-June 2022 - It's Summertime!
by adg on Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:17 pm
Well, it's certainly summer at this point. Mart & I returned to the farm after spending a few days meeting with friends and family in Woodstock, NY. Nice to get out and about without having to work. I could get used to this. It's a hot day (in the sun) up here in the Berkshires. And I'm making the most of it. I think Jackie & I put the cement pond in the ground somewhere back around 1985, and we kept saying it was the best thing we ever did. It probably wasn't but we kept saying it anyway because it was really good. Having our kids was probably the best thing we ever did, but the pool is still here and working.

At some point late September I'm scheduled to become a great grandfather. That'll be fun, and we're looking forward to getting to meet the next generation. Meanwhile, we get to enjoy the summer breezes and occasional rain showers. Nothing quite like it. It's the world people around the world are struggling to make real for everyone. It's a dream for some, a hope for others and pretty real for us here. Nice to know it exists somewhere.
Mid-May 2022 - Spring Finally Here
by adg on Thu May 12, 2022 8:10 am
It's the middle of May 2022, and the leaves are just now opening in the forest on the hill. Because of our elevation we're a little behind almost everyone else in the Northeast, even our neighbors just down the road. We could still see some snow, but it's becoming less likely as each day passes. I can't remember how to post photos here (it was never easy), or I would do so. This remains a website that was years ahead of most, but its age shows limits, and photos are a good example. Maybe the wizard will update it some day. But for now, it's enough just to keep everyone up to date, and it works for that.

Being back up at the farm is a joy. We're getting ready to begin planting things that grow - Flowers and veggies. Before ya know it, summer will be over and I head to warmer climates (getting a little too old to be shoveling snow). But, for now, and for the next few months, I'll be here enjoying it all as best I can. Mostly I think I'll be hanging around the cement pond, and making comments about the gardens.
Officially On The Hill - Back Again Spring 2022
by adg on Wed Apr 27, 2022 8:48 am
We've been back on the farm for just about 3 weeks. Enough to catch a little snow. Today for the first time we're beginning to see a reddish-purple hue in the forest trees, a sign that spring is about to happen. The birds are ahead of us, they've been here a little longer. Marti & I went up to hear Janis Ian as planned and had a lovely time in Saratoga Springs, revisiting Caffe Lena. I haven't been there for a long time. They made it much better than I remembered. We walked there and couldn't even find the new entrance (a little farther down the street), so we entered the old way going past a door that said something like "Employees and Deliveries Only". I remembered the stairs anyway. Funny stuff.

Now we're settling into the old farm thinking about how quickly it all seems to go by. Time flies no matter if you're having fun or not. The older I get the faster it seems to go by. No complaints - Just an observation. Some time within about 3 weeks we'll get the winter cover off the cement pond and lounge around the pool - Or at least I will. Nice to be back at my old desk, drinking coffee, and watching the thoughts come and go. They've been doing that for decades. They continue...
Coming Back To The Farm - Spring 2022
by adg on Sun Mar 27, 2022 7:41 am
We've been down in Florida for a while, trying to stay warm, but it's getting a little too warm and humid. Meanwhile the robins are due to show up at the farm any day now. So Marti & I are heading back for a visit. My friend, Janis Ian is due to perform at Lena's in April and I wanted to be in the neighborhood for that event as well. There's nothing like a little crisp mountain air, cold spring water, and flowers so I'm looking forward to that.

These last few months have been wonderful back in my old neighborhood of Sebastian. I got to see some old friends and revisited some of the local haunts for food and drink. I even made some new friends! Getting out and about here is easy as everything is close by. At the farm everything is miles away, but it's nice to be isolated too.

I do miss the CrabHouse, and living on the river, but no complaints. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Presently I'm getting ready for Spring in the Berkshires, family & friends that come to visit, and local neighbors stopping by. I looking forward to seeing my old band & crew mates, sitting around remembering the years and decades we spent on the road. There's a lot of good stories yet to be told around the fireplace. I'm up for that.
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