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Fall 2021
by adg on Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:47 am
It probably isn't actual Fall yet, but it sure feels like it up here. Some say the Fall season begins September 1st, and some say something else. Personally it doesn't matter much who says what as there's a distinctive feeling, a crispier air, and the leaves in the trees have begun to change colors. That says Fall to me.

Even my friends down in Florida has noted the humidity becoming more tolerable. So we're beginning the preparations for Winter... Cleaning up and getting things out of the way so the snow plows don't crunch the unseen summer stuff beneath the snow covered roads.

Marti & I are making plans to return home to Florida. Once the cold becomes an every day event it's nice to be warmer. Of course, that's all a ways off. But we're getting ready. We stacked a cord of wood in the garage the other day. It used to take a couple of hours, nowadays it takes a lot longer. Everything requiring physical work seems to take longer these days. Maybe it's simply that I need more union breaks.

I've taken FaceBook and it's related applications off of my computer. I still have it on a back-up phone, but I don't use it as often, and I don't miss it. Life is settling in to something more like what it used to be a long time ago, and I'm loving it. Less snarky commentary is good. I figure anyone who reads stuff here is closer to having something decent to say.

Anyway, it's getting to be that time of year. Sorta like Spring cleaning, but more on the clean-up and put things away side. I hope everyone reading this has a fabulous Fall season, or for those down under, a fabulous Spring. It's a big world out there and wherever we are in it, there's stuff to do. I need more coffee. Time to wake up and smell the worms.
Summer 2021
by adg on Sat Jun 12, 2021 6:16 am
Who'd a thunk I'd be around to see this, but Summer has finally arrived. The flowers and things growing in the garden are looking fairly stable. No more worries as far as they are concerned. That doesn't meant it won't snow. I've seen the white stuff in July. But for the most part it appears to be out of sight until next October/November. Meanwhile, there are a couple of months to enjoy being outside. I'm gonna make the most of it.... :)
Spring 2021 Has Finally Arrived
by adg on Sat May 15, 2021 5:54 pm
Mud-Season has unofficially ended, because it's not an official season to begin with. But, around these parts (The Berkshires) we're finally getting to see some signs of Spring. As I was working on a video for our annual HD Walk-A-Thon, I rambled around what we call 'South County' which includes the town of Stockbridge. I was driving a red VW micro-bus that belongs to the church, and it was funny to see heads turning as I drove by. Geez it was 52 years ago the freaking movie came out, but it seemed to some like it was last week. Everything in South County is about 2 weeks ahead of us here on the hill as far as seasons go. Lilacs were in full bloom, flowers popping up everywhere, but here on the hill it's all just getting started.

Marti has been a little nuts planting, weeding, and getting ready for summer. It's all good but it's a lot of work. It looks fabulous. I'd post pictures but my Tapatalk app, and forums aren't behaving nicely together, so I'll stick with text descriptions until it's sorted out.

There may be a few other places in the country where Spring is also just getting underway, but most of my friends are reporting Spring as having already sprung, and they're heading into summer. If I get any good pix I'll post 'em elsewhere and link 'em here. So far not much to see here anyway. Keep moving. And Happy Spring!
Mud Season 2021
by adg on Sat Mar 06, 2021 8:16 am
We're somewhere in March which means mud can't be far away. The Group W Bench Sessions are done (for now), and they went pretty well. We're at that strange point in-between winter and spring, around here in the Northeast we know it as mud season. It's probably similar in lots of places, even if a slightly different times. But, the birds are beginning to leave the cover of the trees and make their way out into the open. Some are returning from far away places. Everyone likes mud! Well, some more than others.
Group W Bench Sessions
by adg on Sun Feb 14, 2021 11:15 am
On February 28, 2021 we will premier Episode #3 of the Sessions. It’s a ticketed event (cheap). For tix go to I’ll be live from home moderating the pre-recorded songs. Should be a fun time

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