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  "When Reuben's away, the clams dance on the beach." - Translation of Old Dutch Proverb - according to Leslie-Ann van der Klam (26) (as written by ADG)
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Happy Thanksgiving 2023!
by adg on Mon Nov 20, 2023 3:18 pm
In other places around the world, people celebrate their own version of Thanksgiving, generally around this time of year. I had a long-standing tradition of going to New York to play Carnegie Hall then within a short time make my way to warmer climates. Although time and circumstances have changed, Marti & I are back in our home in Sebastian, FL for the up-coming holiday, and we'll be here until it starts thawing out on the farm. It's a good time to be here, until it's better to be elsewhere. Without the pressure of concerts and traveling, life here is good. Some things get modified, rather than completely changed. In other words, being here is not unusual around this time of year. Tradition.

Warm and wonderful wishes to everyone, wherever you are, or are planning to be this Thanksgiving! With friends, family, neighbors near and far - Just about everyone - We wish you all the best. 'Tis the season.
Winter Is Here 2023
by adg on Fri Nov 03, 2023 7:02 am
Well, winter was here. Didn't last very long but we had a few inches of snow on the ground. It'll come and go as usual until it sets in. But by that time I'll be home in Florida. I love my little town of Sebastian. For the last 4 decades (since the late 1980s) it really didn't make much difference where home was, as we were constantly on the road, everywhere but where I'd call home. Generally if we ended a leg of the tour near Sebastian, we went there. If we ended a tour near the north east, we went to Washington, Massachusetts. The was no routine or preference, it was just whatever made sense. These days Florida makes sense most of the time - Except in summer when it's just too hot and humid. Christmas carols under the swaying palms.... Yeah kind of silly. But it's fun.
Mid-Fall 2023
by adg on Thu Oct 05, 2023 11:34 am
So far it's a good year for color in the trees - Except for here. There will be people driving around looking, but there's not that much to see. You gotta go farther in almost every direction. That means we won't need reservations in the local restaurants, so I'm good. We've had some extra warm weather too, although it's likely to change any moment. Don't get me wrong - It's really pretty. Just not spectacular. I'm wondering if leaves fall more at certain times of day. There's nothing about it on the internet, so it's probably too weird to think about. But that's never stopped me.
Labor Day - Fall 2023
by adg on Mon Sep 04, 2023 10:52 am
Well it wasn't much of a summer. We watched the flowers come and go, and various creatures came and went. But, we're into my favorite time of year. It's supposed to be even warmer than usual. In a couple/few weeks I'll make my way to familiar places to photograph the colors of the season. That's the plan anyway. We'll see what happens.There's a few lingering birthdays and family events coming up soon.

I'm still at my desk - Drinking coffee, and thinking about things, occasionally even writing about them.

Announcements aren't what they used to be. After retiring there's not much to actually announce. So I get to write updates etc., or comment on the state of things. There's always something going on. If not with me, there's certainly lots happening anyway - There always is. Writing is kinda like a "note to self." Most of my songs were in that category anyway. Nothing new I guess. I just witness it all. Now I get to see the fall, and I'm loving it. :)
Mid-Summer 2023
by adg on Tue Aug 01, 2023 11:22 am
It's already August 1st - Not only is it Ramblin' Jack Elliott's 92nd birthday, but it also mean we're halfway through summer. It seems like it just began. The last few days and weeks have been more like late spring, with the smoke, fog, rain etc. Maybe summer will encroach upon fall. Not sure but it sure isn't what we were expecting. It's even a little on the cool side today. Had to put on a jacket just to stalk butterflies and other bugs. In August!

It's not like we weren't told that climate change would have some extreme weather, and even though this isn't really extreme - It's close enough for horse-shoes. Friends south of us are enduring extreme heat, other places are extremely dry, or extremely wet - I guess it is kind of extreme.

Here in Western Massachusetts for the past 48 hours, it's been nice! But it used to be nice most of the time, and then we'd get bouts of crazy. Now it's mostly crazy with bouts of nice. I'm making the best of it and hope you are too wherever you are and whatever craziness you have to endure.
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