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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:31 pm

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... and research a whole variety of stuff that usually needs soem science guy skills. I've always said I can design and build anyone just about anything.

As of the moment I recommend to anyone anywhere to start the process of shielding your beautiful, white picket dreams in cleverly disguised aluminum or copper. By that, I'm offering to design and/or build what amount to architecturally aesthetic Faraday Shields so we don't lose everything during a massive soolar flare or because some radical nut job blows off a Flux Compression device on our block.
File comment: This is a suggested houseboat that has indoor farming and its own generator. I recommend people on the coasts start heading their architecture in this direction. One can also undermine the foundations of a structure, such as a home or even a church, to float the entire thing. Consider Richie Sowee (Check my spelling) who built an island he can tow anywhere on empty milk bottles and fishing nets.

I'm will to help people get their own ideas off the ground for these for the asking of tech stuff I can relate online. It would be nice if some people out there who could afford such would have me design something like this or other things too.

As for the floating, destruction resistant city parts, it doesn't take much common sense to imagine that we just might end up needing hospitals and other massive structures intended to withstand the hazards this 21st century is throwing at us.

dodepod5.jpg [ 143.34 KiB | Viewed 11098 times ]

Anything someone needs designed to withstand the 21st Century. email me at

If you have ideas you'd like to see prototyped, I can probably bring it to reality.

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