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 Post subject: Conversation with Arlo.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:26 pm


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Last May I traveled from St. Paul, MN (former home town) with one of my sons because I had bought tickets to be at the Arlo Guthrie concert in Duluth, MN. As a gift the rest of my children reserved rooms at a hotel near St. Scholastica College where the concert was presented. I was delighted to be able to hear and see one of my favorite artists, Mr. Arlo Guthrie. The concert was all I had Imagined and hoped it would be. So much fun. So many memories. Many of the songs were very familiar not only to my and my son but also to many others in the audience because many of us were singing along - or at least humming along. Several songs had tears running down my face because of the memories tied to them.

Arlo began to sing Alice's restaurant (and so did we) but after a couple of stanzas he quit saying he didn't remember all the words so he wouldn't continue. We were disappointed. We have the record and play it every Thanksgiving when family is gathered. My son suggested that he could strum and we in the audience would sing it. That didn't work. We must be lousy singers.

The next morning at the hotel, son and I went downstairs for the free breakfast. We went outside to our car so I could grab a sweater - the weather had cooled. We are walking back to the entrance of the hotel when a man walking toward us looked very familiar. It was the Man Himself! He and we stood and talked for 10 minutes or more and he even let us take pictures with

I'll have to admit he was just as gracious and friendly as I was sure he was. It was a wonderful Ms' Day gift for me and my son. We enjoyed our conversation very much and delighted in knowing he was easy to talk with. I have looked at the present tour list and am disappointed to see that Arlo with not be coming anywhere near where we live now in Everett, Washington. I'm hoping to see him sometime in the near future. If you look at the date of my birth you can conclude there's probably not a lot of time left for me to see that happen.

Thanks for everything, Arlo, that includes all the years of enjoyment you have given me.

--New Washington Resident

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