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PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:45 pm


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Attached below is a cover story I wrote on Arlo for a weekly paper in Ventura County. The original version was much longer and more in depth on specific records and his career but it got trimmed down for space reasons. At any rate I got to put in print the fact that I really think Arlo is a tremendously underrated songwriter and performer and one of my all time faves.

On a personal note, he was a huge influence in my own humble but relatively successful music career (very different genre from Arlo) that’s allowed me to travel the world and has now led to film. Long story short when I was 16 I pretended I was an agent and booked Arlo to play my high school in NJ. My band opened. Got in a lot of trouble, they were gonna cancel but when I told them the show was almost sold out, they ending gave me an award in Arlo’s name instead of a suspension. (They still give the award out every year to a music student). Don’t think he or his agent even knew the promoter was an overzealous teenage Arlo fan.

Have seen him close to 30 times over the years, interviewed him once on the phone and met him briefly a few times. I even stop by the church when I’m in the area. Went to one of the Thanksgiving dinner fundraisers they used do in the early 90s at the church. Don’t think he knows me, my band or my story- but all good he’s always been and will always be my fave! Just saw him last week and just as good as ever.

Anyways. Hope any fellow fans on here enjoy it. Thanks for reading. Take care!

CHRIS JAY ... sand-oaks/

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PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2017 11:01 am

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Good job on the article.

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