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by adg on Fri May 01, 2020 7:40 am
Although it's hard to pinpoint and exact date, May is probably the month where 25 years ago Dave created It moved from the old board system (which still exists) to its own thing. For the next 25 years has been the source of reliable information with everything concerning what we do, what's going on, what we'd like to do, and what everyone thinks about all that. It has also been a forum for things that are important to you individually. became our face to the world through the internet.

Our volunteer monitors, past and present have tried their best to insure that our web pages remained free of advertising, self-promotional material and BS in general. They've done a great job. The end result of all this is that our presence on the web has gathered a historic collection of thoughts, comments and ideas. It's especially valuable because it's been around since the very beginning.

Over the years and decades I've been adding and correcting the dates in our schedule. It is the single most comprehensive collection of everything we've done, and everywhere we've been, that exists anywhere. I'm still adding things (as I discover them) that go back to the very start of my public life as a performer and entertainer. Likewise future events are generally updated as soon as possible. I've been able to do all this with the help of others like Hank Reineke, and Terry Ala Berry who either know of or kept records of all this stuff. Occasionally some of our friends here have corrected information or added to it as well. has become a repository of our collective adventures.

Events that took place are important, not because I was there, but because they took place. It's not only my personal history but our collective history. I just happened to there some of the time, and it shows up here in our schedule. When added to a larger view, we get a history of what was important to us through the generations, especially through the turbulent times of the 1960s through the times in which we now are living. It's the record that shows we were there.

We are still there. We are here now. And more than that, we've been here awhile. Congratulation to for being with us for so long and especially to Dave who made it possible. Happy 25th Birthday! Long May You Run...
Corona Corona 2020
by adg on Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:47 am
It looks like 2020 is shaping up to look like a year that will remembered for a long time. Things change and pivotal moments make a difference as to how we mark one time from another. It ain't like it used to be, that's for sure. Marti and I went to our local pizza joint yesterday as we have for years, but for the first time we didn't go in and sit at our favorite table - We took it home. The place was empty and the streets were mostly vacant. Welcome to the year 2020 in the way it'll be remembered.

In a few weeks millions of people will begin their annual migration from the warmer southern regions to their homes in the colder climates. Recently friends who have made the journey said there was very little if anything to eat along the way. Like some post apocalyptic movie traveling is now more difficult. Trains, planes and buses are problematic. With fewer options for travel, most will have to drive.

That said, many friends are beginning to make the adjustments needed to get through. And we're having to do the same thing. You can expect more online services, more groceries and goods delivered to your homes than previously imagined. We're figuring out ways to get our kind of music and concerts easily available to almost household in the world. Already friends and peers have begun broadcasting from their living rooms to yours. Technology makes it possible.

Our immediate plans for doing that kind of broadcasting includes using the church for events that can be seen anywhere, anytime. Most of the scheduled musical events at the church this coming summer will go on as planned, but we may have to switch from a live audience within the building to an audience at home. This kind of change takes time, gear, knowledge and all kinds of stuff we didn't have to think about before. And of course it all depends on how the nation can deal with the coronavirus crises. There's nothing better than being before or in a live audience - As long as it's safe to do so.

Meanwhile, we're preparing to invade your homes, via TV, WiFi and other means. We'd like to remain some small part of everyday life for people who enjoy what we do, and who take some comfort knowing that the kinds of things we've done for the last 50+ years will continue to make the world a little closer, a little better and a little more fun for everyone.

Gearing Up For 2020 Shows
by adg on Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:39 am
With about two weeks or so left to go before we hit the road, we're gearing up for the shows planned for 2020. The first segment begins in Clearwater, FL at The Capitol Theater, and moves up the east coast through Charlotte, Durham and Walhalla. The second segment rolls through Hopewell, Alexandria, Waynesboro, Atlanta and Pelham. Detailed info is elsewhere on this site.

All the up-coming shows have Folk Uke as the opening act - The dynamic duo known as Folk Uke with my daughter, Cathy and her singing partner, Amy Nelson (yes, Wiilie's daughter) are incredibly funny and talented. We'll try out different ways to include them in the gigs, but at least in the beginning we'll throw them onstage at he start of the evening and see what happens. I'll have my son, Abe and our long time drummer, Terry Ala Berry with me onstage for these gigs.

We'll head farther west playing in St. Louis and Fayetteville before returning to Florida to begin some kind of 60s band cruise I got talked into doing. It should be a riot. I'm looking forward to hanging out with some of my peers and veteran 60s entertainers. For that segment at sea we'll bring back Steve and Carol Ide, who've been most recently touring with me for the last few years.

The gigs with Folk Uke will resume after that taking us to the west coast for shows in Santa Barbara, Solana Beach Aliso Viejo, San Francisco, Grass Valley, Livermore and Davis. Folk Uke finishes up their stint with me with gigs in Boulder, and Santa Fe. Everyone goes home after that while I finish up May 2020 with a show in Tulsa, OK with the Tulsa Symphony.

Then we head into summer time... It's nothing like summer here in Florida this morning. It was 38 degrees with a strong breeze blowing across the water. That would be cold at home in Massachusetts, but here in Florida it's ridiculous. Naturally it didn't stop me from going out in a light aloha shirt for my usual morning pix. But, I didn't last very long out there. They say it'll warm up today. That'd be nice.
Winter & News Officially Arrives
by adg on Sun Dec 22, 2019 3:59 pm
For most everyone the calendar seems a little late when dealing with winter. It began getting cold over a month or so ago, and now they're telling me it's the first day of winter. That's pretty funny. Here in Florida, it's been cool and rainy for a week, cold for many of my neighbors. But, my kids back at the farm in Massachusetts are dealing with actual cold. It's just what you're used to I guess. I'm not 100% sure but I bet the farm will see a white Christmas as usual, mostly a matter of our elevation.

I've been wandering around the decks of our place here overlooking the Indian River, looking at birds as they keep their eyes on the little fish below. The palms along the coast have been swaying back and forth as the wind changes direction from time to time. It hasn't been really stormy, just windy and wet, dark skies and fast moving clouds. Not too great for photos, but that'll change - It always does.

We've put the house here up for sale, and although I don't expect it to sell quickly, I've been out documenting the mornings and interesting sights trying to get used to the idea that although the last 10+ years here in this spot has been wonderful, it'll move on to others who I hope will find it as magical as I have. We've actually been here since the late 80's, but it wasn't until 2010 that we finally finished the construction. It's been fabulous ever since. I've got photos from the last 30 years being here.

When Jackie and I began this project we still had kids living at home, or at least newly gone off on their own. So it ended up being big enough to accommodate everyone. These days, it's just too big for me. My friend, Marti has a place close by which is a lot smaller, and better suited for us going forward. So, I'll likely remain in the area, just not in this huge house. It's kind of up in the air, but if anything significant happens I'll keep everyone who's interested informed.

That's the news from here... Happy Merry Everything! Welcome to Winter!

2019 Fall Season Begins
by adg on Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:34 am
The summer of 2019 is over and we're beginning to see the first signs of Autumn. The leaves are changing color on many of the local trees up in the hills. Any day now we'll be heading out for a few weeks of travel to parts unfamiliar, and maybe visit some favorite places we were introduced to when we were working but didn't get much of a chance to enjoy. There are special places to everyone, and I'm no exception - Places you want to absorb rather than simply rush through on your way to somewhere else. Some are more local, and others far away. Nice to get a chance to revisit those kinds of places and enjoy the friends we've encountered along the way.

We've been making progress rebuilding our home throughout the summer. It's a fairly big project, even though we're mostly just rebuilding what was already there. I'm a natural born hillbilly so nothing you can't put your feet on gets built around here. We don't call it "the farm" for nothing.

A reporter once asked me what we grew on our farm, and I simply said "rocks." The old timers built stone walls everywhere, not because they wanted to, but because there was nowhere else to put the stones that kept appearing out of nowhere. They just came up from the ground, like a cultivated crop. We spent years and decades removing the stones from the fields, one at a time, the kids grew up throwing them in the back of the old wagon we dragged behind the tractor. But the stone just kept coming. Eventually, we more or less gave up. The stone won. No wonder many of the old farmers went westward. They weren't looking for greener pastures, they were looking for pastures without rocks. Much the same way Native Americans moved around, not looking for more territory as much as looking for territory with better hunting. Food has always been a big deal.

So I ended up being a rock farmer. So far, so good. After food, safe shelter becomes a good idea. We're rebuilding the place that has provided us shelter for over 50 years. It'll be more or less complete this year, maybe sometime this fall before the winter sets in. That'd be good.

Anyway, that's the Fall update from here at the farm. A welcome to the season and a time to begin putting away the things of summer. More later...
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