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 Post subject: Re: Star Trip: Blunderer
PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:43 pm

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RonAlso wrote:
Unknown, unexpected and certainly unconcerned, the crew out on EVA had taken a certain chance at this certain point at this certain time and, well, they made a great choice. You see, with the passing of time the ship had been lost was a total of way more years than they had anticipated or thought. The time space inversion had played more havoc than a mariachi band in Tijuana on a beautiful June evening. While many things appeared to be changed and new, the sign was definitely the same sign they remembered from what was now long ago and far away yet ever so near. THEY WERE NO LONGER LOST! (ya know ya don't need to shout? Well but it's a grand discovery that should make everyone happy you silly interrupter of the story line. Interrupter, eh? I'll show you - - swhish, KNOCK! . . .)

"Exactly what have you found, Agnes?" queried Tim.

"We're home, Cap'n! We're home!" repeated Agnes repeatedly overjoyed at the prospect of no longer being lost and no shorter either.

"I believe Agnes is correct, Cap'n. I trust the adjustments Scotchy and I made to the central computer caused another time schism that not only returned the ship to the time of our departure, but also to the place - or planet at least - of said departure", intoned Mr. Tuck with all the certainty he could muster at this time and place where this so called mustering was taking place in time. (Huh?)

"Open a channel, YooHoo, and broadcast this ship wide!" commanded the Cap'n now completely unconcerned with the lateness of dinner let alone any other meal he was looking forward to in the past. "Crew of the Blunderer, this IS your Captain speaking." (Lulu and Checkup cast knowing glances at each other as they chuckled under their breaths yet again.) "It appears that Mr. Tuck and Scotchy have been successful in repairing the damage caused by the time space conversion inversion or whatever the heck it was. I am pleased to report that not only are we back to our original time in history, but have also returned to the point - or planet - of our departure. All members that wish to disembark may do so. While we still need to check in with Star Fleet, I am suspending this requirement at the present time."

Turning to Tuck the Cap'n mumbled, "How'd I do?".

"Very well, Tim. You have been and will always be my friend. I'm not sure why I said that, but it seems appropriate," opined Tuck.

Little did they all know, but the adventure had only begun. . .


well that alias ain’t gonna fool anyone

hi ron!!!

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 Post subject: Re: Star Trip: Blunderer
PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:37 am

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Roused from his Rip VanWinkle like slumber, by the unexpected announcement the Ship's Assistant Mechanic, Electrician and practitioner of sardonic Medical Quackery, as well as Bagpiper responds.... More Rogue Whiskey Timmay, I need more Rogue Whiskey....

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 Post subject: Re: Star Trip: Blunderer
PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:03 pm

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Ah, yes. Seems as though someone has been tipping back a few, eh?! Since the incident of beaming aboard the San Cisco foursome in addition to the away team, Bob had been relegated to, well, how do I say it (It!)(Wise guy!), a post that placed him on a rather low rung, so to speak. It wasn't something that he relished (indeed, it was not a pickle by any stretch) but Bob, being always ready, always resourceful, always on time, always ready to tip a few, always flexible; figured he'd make the best of the situation. With all - and I mean ALL - that had happened, lo (and high - nudge, nudge, say no more) these many years, he had kept out of trouble and out of sight. Unfortunately, if he kept carrying on as he currently was, his "out of sight-ness" was going to change. . .

"What is that sound I'm hearing faintly in the distance?" queried the Captain thoughtlessly to himself. "It can't be Flan, can it? Not Flan! Or is it O'Really back from the grave, come to taunt yet a second time?"

"Captain, you seem distracted, retracted and compacted," opined YooHoo-Ya. With most of the crew now off the ship, the promise of being not lost, but found uppermost in their minds - along with the thoughts of a dinner that could not be beat - it was understandable if Tim was lost in thought.

Those out by the sign were nearly reverent as they gazed at it like puppy in a pet store window wanting someone to take it home. Then a bit of a tune wafted through the air. Were they imagining it? Surely this was not a cruel dream, was it? ". . .just a half a mile from the railroad track. . ." Agnes, Arnie, Larry, Cheryl and the others smiled one of the best smiles they had ever smiled whether collectively or singularly. It was home. It had to be, didn't it?

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