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 Post subject: Song I wrote
PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:20 pm


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howdy everyone, I'm new to this site,thought I'd leave you one of my songs...
Woke up with this in my head...guess it's what I saw growin up..;If you would like to see the video go to or search for... back in the day dale hannah

Back In The Day
by Dale Hanabarger c 2011

I grew up in the shadow of the bomb,
wonderin what the hell was goin on
how could war be so cold
would I die in my sleep would I ever grow old

Vietnam was on the news every night
seemed like the whole world wanted to fight
while they were all talkin bout killin
I was in the basement with Bob Dylan

So I let my hair grow long
stated playin those folk rock songs
everthing that was right was wrong
why can't the whole world just get along
those were the days my friend
I think about em every now and then
those were the days my friend
if I could go back I'd do it all again,do it all again
I was just a young pup smokin that weed I couldn't get enough
Richard Nixon was losin the nation
the Who were singin "My Generation"

Everybody was hittin the road hippies an freaks look like Tom Joad
let's all jump on the Microbus
hide the stash it's gonna be a bust

Come on down to the river and sing,stars look like diamond rings
Lucys swimmin in the sky
an old Indian had a tear in his eye
Ralph Nader was makin cars safe,Will Robinson was Lost in Space
young people speakin they're minds
growin old before they're time

Pretty soon they were walkin on the moon
the beatles were playin a differnt tune
the marchin band refused to yield
four dead lay on the field

Abraham Martin and John tried to change the world
but they did'nt live long
everybody stopped and cried the day the music died, the day the music died
Well I got a question for you maybe you got an answer too
how long can we keep singin these songs
while the same old same keeps goin on

Why don't we take all the greed and hate
load it on a rocket shoot it into space
watch it explode in the sun
then the whole world can live as one

Let's all stop killin each other, fathers mothers sisters an brothers
stop droppin bombs and feed the poor
make love not war,make love not war

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 Post subject: Re: Song I wrote
PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:27 pm

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Enjoy it a lot, thanks for sharing.

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