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 Post subject: Gypsy Davy
PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:39 pm


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Gypsy Davy Traditional, arranged and adapted by Arlo Guthrie
(Gypsy Laddie, English Traditional Folk Song, Child Ballads 200, ca. 1720)

(E) (A)(E) (A)(E) (E) (A)(E) (A)(E)
It was late last night when the (A)boss come (E)home,
(A)Asking about his (E)lady.
The only answer (A)that he (E)got was
She's (A)gone with the Gypsy (E)Davey, (A)gone with the Gypsy (E)Dave.

Go saddle me up my (A)buckskin (E)horse,
My (A)hundred dollar (E)saddle
Point out to me their (A)wagon (E)tracks,
And (A)after them I'll (E)travel, and (A)after them I'll (E)ride.

Well, I had not rode 'till the (A)midnight (E)moon,
I (A)saw their campfire (E)gleaming,
I heard the notes of the (A)big gui(E)tar
The (A)voice of the Gypsies (E)singing, that (A)song of the Gypsy (E)Dave.

It was there in the light of the (A)camping (E)fire,
I (A)saw her fair face (E)beaming,
Her heart in tune to the (A)big gui(E)tar
And the (A)song of the gypsies (E)singing, that (A)song of the Gypsy (E)Dave.

Have you forsaken your (A)house and (E)home,
Have (A)you forsaken your (E)baby?
Have you forsaken your (A)husband (E)dear
To (A)go with the Gypsy (E)Davey, and (A)sing with the Gypsy (E)Davey
That (A)song of the Gypsy (E)Dave?

Yes, I've forsaken my (A)husband (E)dear,
To (A)go with the Gypsy (E)Davey
And I've forsaken my (A)mansion (E)high,
But (A)not my blue eyed (E)baby, (A)not my blue eyed (E)babe.
- Instrumental verse -

She smiled to leave her (A)husband (E)dear
To (A)go with the Gypsy (E)Davey,
But the tears come a-trickling (A)down her (E)cheeks,
To (A)think about her blue eyed (E)baby, to (A)think about her blue eyed (E)babe.

Take off, take off those (A)buckskin (E)gloves,
(A)Made of Spanish (E)leather,
Come give to me your (A)lily-white (E)hand,
And (A)we'll ride home to(E)gether, (A)home again we'll (E)ride.

No, I won't take off my (A)buckskin (E)gloves,
(A)Made of Spanish (E)leather,
I'll go my way from (A)day to (E)day,
(A)Sing with the Gypsy (E)Davey, the (A)song of the Gypsy (E)Davey,
The (A)song of the Gypsy (E)Davey, the (A)song of the Gypsy (E)Dave.
(A) (E) (A) (E) (A) (E) (repeat and fade)

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