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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:14 pm

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Banjoman: a tribute to Derroll Adams - Various (2002)
Rising Son RSR-2102
1. Columbus Stockade Blues (Hans, Donovan, Arlo)
2. Portland Town (Arlo)
3. The Cuckoo (Ramblin Jack Elliott)
4. Freight Train Blues (Hans, Arlo)
5. The Mountain (Donovan)
6. The Sky (Allan Taylor)
7. The Valley (Hans, Donovan)
8. Curtains of Night (Youra Marcus)
9. Dixie Darling (Arlo, Dolly Parton)
10. Muleskinner Blues ((Jack, Arlo)
11. 24 Hours A Day (Hans)
12. Epistle to Derroll (Donovan)
13. A Feather Fell (Ralph McTell)
14. Banjo Man (Allan)
15. The Rock (Billy Connolly)
16. Memories (Happy Traum)
17. ovesong (Donovan)
18. Willie Moore (Wizz Jones)
19. The Rock (Jack)
20. Goodbye Derroll, Goodbye Friend (Tucker Zimmerman)
21. A Profound and Beautiful Sadness (Derroll)

Not as famous as he should be, Derroll was a contemporary of Woody Guthrie. He was a singer/songwriter who could make magic on the 5 string banjo. In the mid-1950s he and Ramblin' Jack Elliott headed to Europe. They busked around, made some records and become an important part of the British folk scene. Jack returned to the USA but Derroll stayed on permanently in Europe until his death in 2000 at age 75. He influenced a whole generation of musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. This tribute was lovingly put together by a few of those artists from both sides of the Atlantic to a man they considered a genius, a mentor, and a friend. A 62 page booklet comes with the cd and includes Derroll's life story, photos, reproductions of his artwork, lyrics, more.

Liner Notes:
"I don't remember meeting Derroll for the first time, or the last. I felt like I'd always known him - always will....

"This tribute ... was begun while Derroll was still alive. Derroll's life affected so many people that as it came to an end friends everywhere were busy talking about films, documentaries, tribute concerts and, of course, records. This recording is only one of many projects that honors the spirit of the Banjoman.

"Banjoman is produced and distributed in Europe by Blue Groove and in the United States by Rising Son. From the beginning it was decided that we would co-produce and release the recording simultaneously and that all proceeds would go to Derrolll's family in Belgium. The recorded material was donated freely by the artists. The studio and production costs were greatly reduced and in some cases totally free...."
- Arlo Guthrie -

"For quite a while I'd had the idea to make a tribute CD to Derroll Adams - gather some friends that Derroll had an impact on and record some of the songs that he wrote or liked to perform. In April 1998 I sent a letter to Derroll and Danny to tell them about my plan. At the same time I contacted several musical friends - they all were excited about the idea and wanted to be part of the project. I had planned to do the CD fairly quickly so that Derroll still could hear the result. This all changed when Derroll sadly passed away on February 6, 2000.

"We got the recording sessions going and all the musicians donated their talent and time for this worthwhile project. Arlo, Donovan, and Allan got really involved right from the start and were continually in touch with ideas, suggestions, and comments. We recorded at different places - musicians never stay at one place too long, so at times it wasn't all that easy to pin folks down - also part of the reason why this project has been in progress for a few years. Sometimes we were lucky to get some of the musicians gathered in one place to do a live group recording - on other occasions people recorded their song and sent me a finished tape. Getting the songs in the post was a great experience. Derroll was a dear friend to all the singers involved and it was wonderful to find that every song touched upon something Derroll-esque. Derroll had made such a big impression on all of us that it wasn't necessary to explain much - I just gave the singers a choice of songs. Sometimes they came up with something extra. That's why there are two versions of "The Rock" - at the end of his recording session Ramblin' Jack mentioned a funny song that Derroll used to do - Jack does a striking Derroll imitation and we had to include it. We also ended up with more songs than one CD can hold and unfortunately had to leave several great songs out.

".... Luckily I still had the opportunity to meet up with Derroll and do some interviews at his kitchen table - many of his stories and comments are included in the liner notes. Derroll and his music have played an important role for everyone involved in this CD. He has touched us all with his music and his larger than life personality. These recordings are a celebration of Derroll's life and music and show our shared love and admiration for the Banjoman."
- Hans Theessink -

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