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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2000 11:47 am

I am thinking of adding a couple - well, at
least one - more Arlo in Fermi Link, if I
can get the pictures how I want them... so,
check back over the next days.

Thanks to everyone who read my set list. I've
been waiting a LONG TIME to provide one...
Thanks to people who mentioned it to me in
Blat, and also to:

Kitty - Yes, I tried to get people remembering
the stories without telling them all over
again, myself - because we've heard a lot of
them before!

Nathen - I think I'm a member Sarah's Fan Club,
but I do not have a picture of me with her...
Am I still a member? Also - I have seniority,
I think... so, if Fitzy and I cannot be gone
from chat at the same time, YOU'LL have to
tell her that if I am gone, that she cannot
be on vacation. Good Luck on that...

Bumper - I'm no angel.

Todd - It's fitting for someone from Chicagoland
to be called a Cub anything, I think!

Deb - I know you were hoping for Darkest Hour
for me. THANKS!

Mike - Well, if all of us who wished we could
be at all his shows were lucky enough to be at
all his shows... we could not get into most
of his shows, right? Image

Kerry - thanks - You make a lot of my days, in
Blat. Shaddup, Kid!

Cheryl - glad you enjoyed it. I had been
waiting to do a set list, forever. The site
with the pictures... was fun to do! BTW.
Check out I knew nothing at
all about web pages, and don't know a lot
now, but the homepage manager is pretty

Z-man: Detail? Well... I did not talk at
ALL about the auditorium... I THINK it was
in an auditorium.

Cad: The set list is repeated on my web
site, lol.

CyndyB: I am glad you enjoyed it! Hope you
like the pictures, too!

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2000 3:18 pm

Excellent work on your photos, your reporting and your homepage, way to go
<center><FONT size="6"><FONT COLOR="red">STARBABY</FONTc></FONT s></center>

<center><FONT COLOR="#000080">--- Edited 1 times, lastly by Nathen on Aug 05, 2000 ---</FONT></center>

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2000 5:08 pm

good job on the site, star!

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2000 5:49 pm

Pardon my butting in, but we do NOT split ATOMS at Fermilab. Atoms are too big and messy. We smash protons, going around the ring in one direction, into antiprotons, going around the ring the other direction. (And if you think aiming them is hard, you're right!)

You didn't mention my favorite story of the evening, about Chip Carter finding Arlo at the inaugural ball and telling him he'd found a copy of Alice's Restaurant - yes, opened - in Nixon's record collection. And the 18 minute and 20 second "coincidence".

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