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PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:40 pm


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Len, I am in awe. What a post. And what truth therein. Thank you!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:48 am

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Thanks Lisa. I don't want to distract, just point out the incredible long lived and far reach those early folk singing communities have had. Maybe part of what feels plastic jesus about the neo-sixties movement is it is engineered by the political marketing machine and the artists are being towed behind it like water skiers instead of pulling it as they did in the day. We were suffocating and it was Arlo's Dad and Seeger and their generation who started kicking at the darkness and letting light in. Then it was Arlo, Judy, PPM and the rest of the next generation that looked at that light and told us what they saw, what to look at and how we could respect each other. Along the way, most of them dropped off the path or traded the cow for magic beans and couldn't climb the bean stalk. Arlo didn't or did and could. Judy vanished from sight but only to pursue her music to an even deeper place. It's beautiful.

So I'm here trying to explain to my trumpeter son just starting in his bands why it feels different and what is the same. And I'm reaching back for part of me to center my own work around something I can believe in. I don't trust the politicians. They aren't my tribe.

I'm bleeding onto these pages and if that is too personal, I apologize. I'll trade guitar/music/composition knowledge for a comfortable conversation and be glad for the trade.

But people need to know it can be done. If Arlo is our Arne Saknussen, happy trails and keep leaving those three marks in the stone. I have my new CDs from risingsons and I'm danged happy to have them.

Anywho.. back to guitar strumming....

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