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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:44 pm

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woodstock69 wrote:
agnes wrote:
posting this here too:

i have posted this a couple times before

why? because it seemed to reflect my general approach. not because i was looking to join any club.

which is why i will post it again

i will also repost this

agnes wrote:
.......maybe ‘god(dess)’ would love to see what we are made of. if we truly believe in the love and beautiful visions that we preach?

The good, the bad and all the other mucky stuff of clay we potters are made of. Perhaps ego is our god/dess when it comes to our visions and dreams. I have found that peaches are better to consume than preachers. The latter has given me heartburn in the past so i try to avoid. Though i must admit I've had the odd vision or two and my fair share of dreams. Peace and love at times too.

The clip is a sound approach for living and I like a good Fry. This one maybe be relevant but sure everyone to their own. (I'm trying to keep the appointments focused)

so much i absolutely agree with.

some stuff i just don’t know, and i am okay with that. which i have said many times.

however to obsess over whether or not there is a hereafter, instead of appreciating this gift of life and earth we have here and now, is folly

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