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» The Guthrie Family Network

Folk Uke

Being the offspring of famous musicians may come with some baggage, but that doesn’t seem to bother the members of Folk Uke: Amy Nelson (daughter of Willie Nelson) and Cathy Guthrie (daughter of Arlo Guthrie). They stand on their own merits by offering charmingly off-kilter material and not taking themselves too seriously. Their mellow country-folk features honey-sweet vocal harmonies and subdued strumming (Nelson on guitar and Guthrie on ukulele), but the duo really makes its mark with humorous and often absurd lyrics and entertaining tongue-in-cheek tales.

The Guthrie Center

The Guthrie Center’s mission is to bring individuals together for cultural, educational, and spiritual exchange. The Center is dedicated to meeting the ongoing needs of the community by working together with other non-profit agencies to serve those in need. In doing so we hope to create an environment where individuals can come together to cultivate a deeper awareness of culture, humanity and the environment of which we are all a part.

Modest Me

Modest Me (featuring Krishna Guthrie - Abe Guthrie's son and Arlo's grandson) was formed in the fall of 2010. Each band member brings a different musical background and style to the band. In most cases these styles would clash, but we some how found the right chemistry. With combining efforts, Modest Me has something for every one, reggae, retro, ska, jazz, funk, blues, rock, even a little hint of metal on occasion. Not only do each of the members have a different style, but every one plays each instrument and writes their own tunes making for an entertaining show for everyone including ourselves!

Mrs. G's Family Archives

Mother and grand mother of a bunch of folk singers! Jackie (Mrs. G) married that wandering folk singer, Arlo Guthrie. She loves shooting and editing videos - especially during The Guthrie Family Rides Again tours, when most all of the kids and grand kids play together. She has graciously been sharing all those wonderful moments on her YouTube channel.

Rising Son Records

Rising Son Records was founded in 1983 by Arlo Guthrie and was once located in the Old Trinity Church in Housatonic, Massachusetts, made famous by Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant It is one of the first indie labels and is still in active operation. Now located on a mountaintop in the Berkshires, Rising Son Records has a diverse group of musicians on its roster, and is proud to carry on the folk tradition.

Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion

Sarah Lee Guthrie is the daughter of Arlo Guthrie and, therefore, the granddaughter of Woody Guthrie. Her husband Johnny Irion’s great uncle is John Steinbeck. With this storied background, the couple play music that is heavy on roots and authenticity.

This House Is Your House

The Woody Guthrie Home Reconstruction Project - our goal is to give the public a physical, tangible piece of Woody Guthrie's legacy to visit and tour, as well as to develop public programs, exhibitions, and to create a performance venue for Woody Guthrie's still growing audience. Our purpose is to promote and preserve the legacy of Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie

The Woody Guthrie Foundation, founded in 1972, is a non-profit organization that serves as administrator and caretaker of the Woody Guthrie Archives. Dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of information about Guthrie's vast cultural legacy.

Xavier (Abe Guthrie Band)

Xavier is an eclectic and dynamic rock band formed in 1984 by current members Abe Guthrie, Randy Cormier and Tim Sears. Drummer Dan Teichert joined the line up in 2000 forming a tight band with incredible live shows. Each musician brings a distinctive style to the mix that lends itself to the enigmatic style of this accomplished band. Having toured worldwide with Arlo Guthrie, they have shared the stage with many legends. A complex amalgam of a variety of styles, Xavier makes great music— pure and simple. Clearly evident are their roots in rock, blues, psychedelia, and pop-influenced genres, and the sound that is born in uniquely Xavier; a new genus perhaps. Truly defying definition, a good time is guaranteed when this band plays.


» Related Artists

Barry Louis Polisar

Barry is an author, songwriter, story-teller and poet. A five-time Parents' Choice Award winner, Barry has written songs for Sesame Street and The Weekly Reader. He has been a regular musical performer on The Learning Channel and the star of an Emmy Award-winning television show for children.

Terry A La Berry

Terry "A La Berry" Hall studied percussion with Arthur Press of the Boston Symphony Orchestra before attending both the Boston Conservatory and Berkley School of Music. Terry toured for fourteen years with Arlo Guthrie and Shenandoah, visiting the United States, Europe and Australia. He appears on 10 of Guthrie's albums.


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